ZOPRO Privacy Enhanced Computing

Concerned about Privacy and Online Surveillance?

Whether as concerned citizen, journalist, or political activist – your messages, confidential files and online activities need protection. Government agencies, global corporations, and unfriendly activists can be unforgiving. It has become a dangerous world for those who believe in personal liberty and freedom of expression.  

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If we criticise the socio-political narrative of the time, we now face tracking, surveillance, vilification and economic cancelation. Activists and influencers with a public profile risk harassment, persecution, and, in some places, incarceration.

Many of us no longer trust Microsoft, Google, or Apple Inc with the protection of our privacy. This is why our privacy enhanced computer systems carry none of the proprietary products of these corporations. Every ZOPRO system offers: 

  • Top-quality Hewlett Packard hardware, refurbished or new

  • Secure operating system ZORIN 16 Pro

  • Swiss PROTON Technologies encrypted email and file storage

  • High-speed PROTON VPN without log files, including multi-server routing

  • Privacy-enhanced searching, browsing, media streaming, and blogging without tracking

  • Applications and software tools for (almost) every requirement

  • Combined in a tested, ready-to-go package that suits your needs

Surfing the web, blogging, creating content, streaming, socialising, or political activism: Whatever you do today on a PC or Mac, you do as easily on your secure ZOPRO computer system. We pre-configure your email(s) and user account according to your needs. You just unpack and power up. 

Whether you’re familiar with Windows or MacOS, you feel at home the moment you log on your ZOPRO laptop, convertible or desktop. The rock-solid ZORIN OS, in combination with best-in-class PROTON communication applications, and our privacy-enhanced set-up, ensures that you remain in control of your data and your online footprint. We did not re-invent the wheel, we combine top-rated hard- and software components for a formidable tool with one purpose: To protect your privacy.    

Available on request and billed separately: Transfer of your personal files, emails and contacts, initial and ongoing support - on site or remotely. We also offer a multi-user version for business and non-profits.

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